Power Up Your Health with our
Ready-made Oats and Maize Meals

Comes in 4 Tasty Flavours:

Bhubesi Nutrition - Power Oats - Strawberry Flavour Ready-made Meal
Bhubesi Nutrition - Power Oats - Banana Flavour Ready-made Meal

Bhubesi Nutrition - Power Maize - Vanilla Flavour Ready-made Meal
Bhubesi Nutrition - Power Maize - Chocolate Flavour Ready-made Meal

Enjoy our Ready-Made Meals' benefits:

Bhubesi Nutrition - Ready-made Oats and Maize Meal - Contains Whey Protein

Contains Whey Protein

Bhubesi Nutrition - Ready-made Oats and Maize Meal - GMO Free


Bhubesi Nutrition - Ready-made Oats and Maize Meal - High Energy

High Energy

Bhubesi Nutrition - Ready-made Oats and Maize Meal - Lowers Blood Pressure

Lowers Blood Pressure

Bhubesi Nutrition - Ready-made Oats and Maize Meal - Reduces Symptoms of Stress

Reduces Symptoms of Stress

Bhubesi Nutrition - Ready-made Oats and Maize Meal - Sustainably Sourced

Sustainably Sourced

Bhubesi Nutrition - Ready-made Oats and Maize Meals


Bhubesi Nutrition was founded with our moral compass firmly and unequivocally pointing to True North. We stand by the notion that all of our raw ingredients are sustainably and locally sourced, which in turn creates and sustains more job opportunities from the beginning of the process, right until the end product. 

100% South African Ingredients

We have scoured South Africa to find and use only the best GMO-free maize and oats. Our oats are sourced from the Western Cape region because they seem to be more palatable and of higher quality when grown in winter rainfall regions. Our maize is primarily sourced from the Free State province directly from farmers who practise non-GMO farming protocols and -where possible- organic protocols too. 

Bhubesi Nutrition - Locally sourced GMO-Free Maize & Oats Meals

Non-irradiated Flavours

Our flavours are non-irradiated and as close to natural occurring flavours as possible, whilst maintaining an incredibly low sugar content, especially in relation to many of today’s sugar-laden foods. 

Cold Filtered Whey Protein

Our whey protein undergoes a cold filtration system and is subjected to an ultrafiltration process that filters many of the larger particles that the other processes cannot keep out. More importantly, it removes more carbohydrates and lactose from the end product, which is hugely beneficial to the end user from a digestive perspective.

Bhubesi Nutrition - Locally sourced GMO-Free Maize & Oats Meals

Bhubesi Nutrition - Locally sourced GMO-Free Maize & Oats Meals


Bhubesi Nutrition’s mission is to offer the best possible convenient food to the everyday working person at the lowest price. 

We believe that our country’s heritage was built on honest and hard manual labour, and we think that its future rests firmly in those same hands, hence we actively and enthusiastically strive to deliver a sound and complete convenience meal to that important market.

Our heritage is one of the reasons why we opted for a lion as the icon for our logo. A lion symbolises royalty, strength, conquest, valour, pride, wisdom, authority, courage and protection. Many of these attributes are pillars to our products’ inception and our business model.

The vision that our children, hard labour workers, the elderly, the sickly and those in need can be sufficiently fuelled is close to all our hearts at Bhubesi Nutrition, and that is why we display our credo and mission statement proudly for all to see:

‘Good food for Africa!’
Bhubesi Nutrition - Locally sourced GMO-Free Maize & Oats Meals - Good Food for Africa


The combination of whey (protein) and maize (carbohydrates)
provides an array of benefits for the human body:

  • Source of fibre - Vital for optimal digestion and nutrient usage in the gut.
  • Good and sustained energy levels.
  • Full offering of amino acids.
  • Source of antioxidants and minerals.
  • Provides peak energy while working.
  • Improved recovery when work is complete - Less downtime.
  • Boosts the immune system - The person is more productive.
  • Keeps the person fuller for longer.
  • Helps to combat fatigue, depression, and cancer.
  • Regulates blood sugar levels and blood pressure.
  • Is used for treatment of bone density cases.
  • Prevents muscle wastage inbed-ridden patients.
  • Preserves muscle and builds more in active people.
  • Fights hepatitis and all airborne influenza.



The core nutritional values and selling points of our ready-made meals include: 


Whey protein contains a vast array of essential amino acids, which are absorbed quickly and optimally. Amino acids aid in cell regeneration, recovery and boosting of the immune system, and contribute towards a healthy gut and digestive system. Extensive research and studies have been conducted showing whey’s ability to increase strength, gain muscle and lose significant amounts of body fat, as well as to recover and repair the body from hard physical toil.

Whey contains high amounts of whey protein, which offers benefits to lower blood pressure, blood sugar, fight depression, and even helps to treat symptoms of HIV and cancer. In fact, it is one of the best studied supplements in the world making it trustworthy and safe for human consumption.


Maize delivers vital simple carbohydrates that are necessary for long, strenuous work. It sustains energy and glucose in the blood stream. Without adequate carbohydrates to provide the glucose support, the human body experiences dips in energy levels and fatigue sets in.

An optimal combination of carbohydrates and whey protein gives the user the required tools to complete any task at hand, optimally, besides from contributing towards the recovery when the individual is done with her or his intensive work. 


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